24 July, 2017

My mom is too old...

Quick info in the beginning. My mom is 52 years old now. I'm 22. OK, now I can start.
My mom and me had the same fashion taste for quite a long time. We wear each other's clothes and we are perfect shopping duo for most times. However, she recently started to change her wardrobe because "she's too old for this". I feel stupid for even needing to say this, but here it is: anyone can wear whatever they want. Now that we know that, I also have to say that I'm a firm believer in dressing according to your age. I don't like seeing granny in mini skirts, for example. Thankfully, my mom feels the same. But it never struck me that she's now 'that older lady'. I still see her in her early 40s (she was about 35-40 when I started noticing people around me and when I transferred more into her world from being a baby). She threw away her shorts and now that we have summer going on here, she needed some light clothing. I offered my shorts and she refused as they are too short (my shorts come to mid thigh area). I was so surprised that she said she is "too old". I've been with her for 22 years and, I guess, I stopped thinking about it. Also, another thing why I don't see her as too old is because she honestly has the better figure than 22-year-old me. I'm writing this now cause the thought of my mom being old was never on my mind before she said so. Although I'm aware that she is not actually old, for me, 50s are the start of the last part of life. And that scares the sh*t out of me. I know I'm overthinking this, but I can't get it out of my head. My mom thinks she is old. And she will always be 40 to me. She'll always be in her best age, looking the best she ever did.
Anyway, not to bore you with my mom not wearing shorts anymore, I'll end it with a question. How do you see your parents? Are they getting older in your eyes? This is so weird to me. Haha.

Comment below your thoughts on this topic!

16 July, 2017

"Typical girl" vs. me

You all know how there are some things 'typical girls' do, some ways 'typical girls' look or act and there's always that "Am I the only girl who...?". Of course not. I don't even know if most girls are 'typical girls', but I'm here to compare how 'typical girls' and I are similar or different.
Note: I'm not saying doing 'typical' things is wrong or bad.

  • long time getting dressed/putting on make-up
Of course I have my moments and if I really know I have the time, I'll put on my pants and then chill for about 20 minutes before putting on my shirt and this can last for 3 hours. But in general, it takes me about 10 minutes from being in bed sleeping to being fully ready to go out (and yes, I did count the time once and it took me 7 minutes from the morning alarm to me locking the doors behind me).
  • eating only salads
To be honest, I don't think I eat a lot, but I'll definitely have a burger over salad any time. I do love salads and all that healthy stuff, but people who are too careful about what they eat because "they could gain weight" are ridiculous to me.
  • wearing only heels
There are actually women who wear heels 24/7, but most of all you have to admire them for being able to do all the stuff  a person has to do in those shoes. I love wearing heels, but I'm also super happy in sneakers, boots, flip flops or anything else.
  • not getting those hand dirty
I usually have very long and painted nails so they're my biggest problem, but nothing a good pair of working gloves couldn't protect. I often help in the woods cutting and transporting trees, mowing lawns, painting fences, feeding domestic animals and so on.
  • loving only pink
You must know by now that girls do wear other colors too, right? Well, I think I own only one pink shirt which I rarely wear anyway. The last time I was properly wearing pink was about 10 years ago while my mom was still dressing me.
  • overthinking
Now, here I'm definitely a typical girl. I spend hours thinking about some stupid stuff. Don't even get me started on guys and all of those situations. I honestly wish I could reduce my overthinking and to be honest, I think I did quite an improvement in regards to, let's say, 3 or 5 years ago, but it's still not there where I would want it to be.

There could be more stuff on the list (duh!), but I remembered these on the top of my head.

Girls comment below whether you're "typical" or not.

05 July, 2017

Today: 5.7.2017.

Doing: I'm currently on vacation so I'm enjoying myself - swimming, eating, watching TV, the usual, but without a worry on my mind
Mood: great!! - actually could be better, but I decided not to complain this week at least as I'm at a beautiful place, having a peaceful and fun time
Favorite person: my brother
Thinking about: getting a job next week and deciding which one I'll pick
Missing: going out - I wrote that one last time too, but I really wanna go out and party!
Loving: that I finished my college year recently and now I'm free as a bird
Hating: sun burns I got so I can barely walk
New discovery: you can get blisters from sun burn too - I thought this kind of blisters is possible only when you actually burn yourself (like on a stove or fire - done it both)
Listening to: Luis Graziatto - Something just like this (sax cover) - honestly check out his channel, these covers are touching my soul (he did a cover for Despacito too...)

11 June, 2017

Personal hygiene

Hello. It's definitely been too long since I was active here. I have so many ideas for posts and I'm going to get back to some schedule of mine here. Not to have a long, intro...
I'm not going to talk about my personal hygiene (cause why would I), but I'm going to talk about other people and how it is viewed. To make this clear, I'm going to talk about why is it important, for example, for me that my friends have a good personal hygiene. It's not. I could totally end this post here, but I see so many people raging about somebody else having a bad personal hygiene. I honestly don't care. It shouldn't bother me if my friends didn't brush their teeth, if they didn't shower after gym, if they didn't wash their hands and so on. Their hygiene is their own and, unless they're serving me meal with hands that have been in mud, I don't care what they do with their body. Maybe I'm just more tolerant to odors and filth than other people, but I'm not disgusted by these.
I'll give you just one example of my hygiene. I don't wash my hands before every meal. Shock! I know. If I'm serving somebody meal with my hands (e.g. a sandwich or something like that), I'll always wash my hands because of them. But if I'm eating alone, I can plant flowers in my garden and go and eat with those same hands. I'm not a germaphobe and I honestly don't think there's anything wrong with me. If anything, my lifestyle (sounds like I live in dirt and never shower which is not true haha) made me more resistant to germs and illnesses.
This also bugs me when people keep their small children away from all dirt. I'm not saying you should place your new born kid in mud and leave it there for a week, but as soon as they're ready (I'm not sure so I'll say few weeks/months?), let them be. They can go around on the dusty floors and they can get dirty and nothing will happen.
Back to my story. I don't get why people comment on how some people didn't shower or how they have yellow teeth. That information doesn't concern you in any way. If you're repulsed by the smell or something else, just move away.
P.S. I also don't have a problem with eating food that fell on the floor (and not following the 5 second rule which is, by the way, total bulls*it).
What are your opinions on this topic? I'd really like to know since it's a bit controversial...

06 April, 2017

Things I did before they were "a thing"

How many times were you annoyed just because something is a thing now or it's cool and you've been doing it forever? Yeah. And now you feel like a copycat just because it's a new trend. Here are 3 things I did way before they went global.
  • taking pictures of food
I always love a good meal and if a plate is nicely presented, I want to take a picture of it. With the rise of Instagram, everybody is doing this, but I did it since I first got a phone with a camera. I especially want to take pictures of food if my brother is not with me cause he loves loves loves all food and I want to share it all with him.
  • taking selfies
OK, in my time (feeling old), there were no front cameras and effects and filters so we improvised with mirrors and turning our phones around, but we definitely took pictures of ourselves. Of course, I didn't post it anywhere cause I didn't have Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or any other account.
  • wearing chokers
Chokers were popular somewhere in the 90s (?) and they came back in big style. However, I had a choker since I was about 10. I wore it few times in school and people were looking at me like I'm a freak so I stopped wearing it. I honestly loved chokers for about 10 years now and now I look like another victim of trends.

What are your things you did before they were a huge trend? I'd love to know that! :)