15 April, 2018

100 Truths Blogger Tag

There's a lot of tags going around. I've done my fair share of those on both of my blogs. Since I already did a tag post very very recently on my other blog, I've decided to have this one here. And it seems more appropriate since there are more personal and life related questions here.
As soon as I saw this, I had few questions in my head. Are there seriously 100 questions here? Am I supposed to like add some questions? What's going on? I've never heard of this tag before. But I was also really really happy to be tagged, cause I freaking love these. And my girl Hailey knows that.

08 April, 2018

Movie review: Baywatch

Info: Baywatch is a 2017 action comedy film based on the television series of the same name. The main stars are Dwayne Johnson playing Mitch, Zac Efron playing Matt, Jon Bass playing Ronnie, Alexandra Daddario playing Summer, Ilfenesh Hadera playing Stephanie, Kelly Rohrbach playing CJ and Priyanka Chopra playing Victoria. The plot follows lifeguard team led by Mitch Buchannon. Along with just saving drowning people, they decide to take down a drug lord. Movie is 1 hour and 56 minutes long.

Note: Plot has all spoilers, impression some and recommendation none.

Plot: The movie starts with Matt Brody (Zac Efron) coming to the beach to be a lifeguard in Mitch's (Dwayne Johnson) team. We immediately find out why Matt is there. He was/is a famous swimmer who led his team, but lost the championship so they kicked him out of the team and he's broke. He also had to take this job as a part of a plea deal. Also, captain thought Matt was popular enough for Baywatch publicity. However, he soon finds out that Mitch is not fooling around and he takes his job very seriously. Even too seriously when he, with his team, takes on a case of finding a drug dealer that has been popping up on his beach. Along with this plot, there's one that follows their friendships and relationships where we see a spark between Matt and Summer, Mitch and Stephanie and then CJ and Ronnie. After hearing what the Baywatch team is doing, the captain fires Mitch and puts Matt in charge. Determined to prove he didn't plan this, Matt decides to take down the drug dealer. He asks the team for help and they all go undercover on a boat with Victoria Leeds, the mastermind behind the drug case. The action doesn't go as planned and Matt is trapped and Victoria tries to drown him. Mitch saves him in the last minute and they eventually take down Victoria (Mitch blows her up with fireworks). Captain is arrested and the team is back together with Mitch leading them. The last scene reveals new captain Casey Jean (CJ) Parker (Pamela Anderson).

My impression: As I was a huge fan of Baywatch series, just hearing the names of the characters was great. I liked that they embraced some parts as parody and they admitted some scenes were over the top. And it blended in with the rest of the plot really nicely. Slow motion scenes were sometimes too much, but they also addressed them immediately in the movie which was a nice change from all the rest of the movies. Appearance of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson just made this movie even better. The original Baywatch team came and that's all I needed. However, I don't think this new cast lives up to the original cast (no one ever will, of course). There we got bunch of episodes and characters could evolve. It's not the case here.

Recommendation: Well, this is hard to say. I know the critics hated this movie and it doesn't have high grades on any site. However, me being a Baywatch series fan, I liked it. Nostalgia probably hit me, but I can't complain too much. However, there isn't actually a plot. There is, but there isn't much happening (if that would be a good description). You can also take this as a parody to original series. Even though I loved it, I think majority wouldn't and it's a movie you'll either love or hate, I think.

Have you watched the original Baywatch series? What do you think of this movie?

See you next Sunday ♥

25 March, 2018

Movie review: A Dog's Purpose

Info: A Dog's Purpose is an American comedy-drama film released in January 2017 based on the 2010 novel of the same name by W. Bruce Cameron. The film stars Bryce Gheisar playing young Eathan, KJ Apa playing teenage Eathan and Dennis Quaid as adult Eathan. Juliet Rylance, Britt Robertson playes teenage Hannah and Peggy Lipton plays adult Hannah. There are also John Ortiz as Carlos, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Maya and Nicole LaPlaca as Wendi. It is 1 hour and 40 minutes long.

Plot: We're first introduced with the dog dying and immediately transferred to the new puppy. The story is told from the dog's perspective so we hear a lot of his/her inner voices and thoughts. Puppy Bailey soon becomes a part of a family with Ethan, his mom and dad who is not really keen on having a dog in the house. After few years, Ethan grows up and becomes a teenager that meets Hannah and they start dating. Also, in Ethan's teenage years, his father becomes a drunk and, after a huge fight, Ethan asks him to leave and never come back. Ethan starts to have a good life when he's finally recognized as a good football player and gets a scholarship for his college. One night, Ethan's classmate Todd throws a firecracker inside his house and the whole house gets on fire. Unable to escape, Ethan and Bailey get out of the window, but Ethan hurts his leg badly enough not to be able to play football anymore. He's desperate and bitter so he breaks up with Hannah. Bailey soon dies of old age. We're introduced then to a new german shepherd puppy Ellie that's a police dog with her police officer Carlos. They go on a mission once and Ellie gets shot and dies. Another puppy gets into the movie. This time is corgi named Tino that accompanies college student named Maya. He has a good life with her and her new family, but dies of sadness and old age after his friend never comes back from the vet. Last puppy is called Waffles, then Buddy and then Bailey again. He starts off as a pet to weird and abusive couple and he escapes. While he's wandering around he gets himself near a park where he notices a familiar smell and he's soon in his old neighborhood. He then finds Ethan who is at his farm, alone and pretty sad. After some thinking, Ethan takes Waffles and renames him into Buddy. Buddy soon reunites Ethan and Hannah, as she was the smell he recognized in the park. After showing Ethan some tricks and responding to some catch phrases only the two of them knew, Ethan realizes it's his first dog Bailey. The movie ends with dog's voiceover: life is about having fun, saving others, not getting caught in the past or regrets, finding someone to be with and living for today.

Impressions: At first I didn't get what was happening with dog dying in the first minute, but it all got into place after few moments. I immediately fell in love with all the dogs and the way they're presented. They also went through all stages of life and showed some difference in thinking. As I'm always connected to the dogs anywhere, I felt what he/she was feeling. I was so sad at times and I was also happy for the dog. Bailey dying in the first half of the movie almost made me stop watching it, but I'm glad I didn't do that. It basically only gets better afterwards. Even though I missed the old dog, him coming back in the different looks is totally sweet and an ending I've waited for.

Recommendation: I'm a huge dog lover, so of course I loved this. I have to warn you that the plot kinda gets boring in the middle with some changes, but it all comes around in the end. Also, you have to get into the whole reincarnation idea if you want to like it. The main character is a dog which may turn you away from this movie, but I promise animals don't talk here. It's easy to follow it and get in the dog character. Although it doesn't have high grades, I would recommend it. It's cute and sad and happy in the same time.

Have you watched this one? Did you watch "Hachi: A Dog's Tale"?

See you next Sunday ♥

18 March, 2018

Inventions - how?

This topic crosses my mind quite often actually. Do you ever think about inventions? I'm thinking light-bulbs, paper, computers, electricity, toilets... Basically everything. Even though some seem pretty "normal" like roads, other blow my mind on daily basis. I stated quite a few times that I'm usually fascinated by "little things" so this is not new that I would be interested in this.
The reason why I mention roads as a normal invention is because I can kinda get the idea how it all started. We also have some creative ideas on daily basis just to make our life little easier. While roads seem simple to me, cement or any pavement is fascinating. How did anyone figure out how to get that mixture?
But let's think about even bigger things. Nikola Tesla and electricity is probably the one I think the most about cause Tesla is our guy, from the hood here. How did he even get an idea to do this? It's "easy" now to say "we're going to use electricity to power a computer". But we know what electricity is now, we have an idea of it. In that time, nobody was thinking about it. Nobody knew this could even exist. I don't know if you're following me, but at those times, there wasn't even a glitch of idea for these stuff. I think this is probably the invention I'm most fascinated by. I'm sure there are other amazing and "weird" inventions, but I think about this one the most. And to think Tesla wanted electricity to be free for everyone and he died without it and they now charge it like it's gold. And it basically is to us, but you get the point.
Things like toilets also amaze me. For centuries (thousands of years) people didn't bother with this, but then someone had to have an idea to make a toilet. Without it even being in the air, someone had to think of everything. And, of course, everything evolved with time, but even the first idea is fascinating. Let's think about Word, a computer Office program. Who, how and why did invent this? A program that would have a sheet of paper inside of a box. But it's not an actual paper, it's all virtual and connected with lots of wires. Get it? A car. OK, you got wheels, I get how they did that. But then you had to connect all pieces for it to actually drive. And nobody has even seen a car or the idea of a car at that point. We now just upgrade them all the time, but thinking of something that's not even in the universe it beyond me.
This post is kinda all over the place and I used the word fascinating a lot, but hope I got my points here. I hope you get what I meant. Seriously inventing anything, from bed that was probably a stack of animal skin, wood, wool, grass, mud.. whatever at first, to spaceships...

Name one invention you're fascinated by.

See you next Sunday ♥

11 March, 2018

Is working out only for fit people?

OK, OK, this title is like "wtf?", but hear me out. To get this out the way, I'm pretty chubby (actually I'm the fattest I've been in years which made me write about this), I'm totally out of shape, I'm also really not flexible at all. Welcome to my world.
I recently decided that I wanna get in shape. To be fair, that's been my New Year resolution for the past 7 years. However, I think I'll have more time now and motivation. We'll see. And now I remembered those 3 times I went to the gym with my friend. He was also like me so I thought I would feel OK with him being there. However, immediately as we stepped into the gym, we got all eyes on us. We weren't regulars, we weren't all dressed up for the gym (like they are on Instagram) and we were completely out of shape and chubby/fat. People there looked either like models or something on steroids (one guy didn't have a neck). So we put our heads up high and went all in. We were pumping, running, lifting... And we were dying, naturally. So we did that for 3 days and then exams came and we didn't have (didn't want to make) time for it.
Then I started working out again and again and again over the time. But I get discouraged pretty soon cause I'm tired immediately, I can't do half of the exercises I want and I, of course, don't see the results after 5 minutes of working out. Surprise, surprise.
I went running each morning one summer and it was basically walk-run combination, but I tried. One day, a couple was running by me and I was walking while heavily breathing and I heard them saying "she won't get far". Being insecure that I am, this really hit me. Really? I'm trying here. Like, I would applaud all people that run, walk or whatever. Because it's hard work even if you're in shape. It's an effort and people should be applauded.
Everywhere I go, everything I try seems like a competition. I get it. If you're approximately on the same level with someone, you can compete. However, if you see me, a beginner here, struggling, dying and catching my breath all the time, it's obvious that I can't compete with you. Than why would you make me feel even worse than I'm already feeling?
Not all people have those thoughts, I know, but the ones I've had the pleasure (read in sarcasm) of seeing near me have proved me otherwise. I don't see many fat/chubby/overweight/out of shape people here working out in public. Ever. Maybe I just don't see them, but it's like we're all in our home, trying to make some step forward first and then make out public announcement. I could be wrong.
Also, all commercials and posters are of people in great shapes. I get it it's marketing and those stuff sell gym memberships or protein bars, but we need to see some progress. We need to see before and after comparison to know it's OK to start small. Everybody that posts anything related on YouTube is already in shape and working out seems so easy. I need someone that will struggle all the way cause it's realistic.
With all this in mind, if you have some blog, YouTube channel or page to recommend, feel free to write in the comments! Also, any workout program is welcomed as well.

Tell me, do you think working out is only for fit people?

See you next Sunday ♥

04 March, 2018

Today: 4.3.2018.

Doing: studying (even though I'm done with college) - there are some stuff I need to finish, some I just started, some projects I'm working on... 
Mood: could be better - I'll leave it to that
Favorite person: does my plush teddy bear count?
Thinking about: how I though life would be easier by now
Missing: college actually - I miss seeing my friends daily and also, classes gave me something to do all day...
Loving: free time - which is a total contrast of what I've written above, I know
Hating: that I need to study now and that I get so affected by YouTube comments sometimes
New discovery: Polaroid Zip printer for mobile phones - honestly I love mine so much

How is your day going?

See you next Sunday ♥

25 February, 2018

Movie review: Fifty shades of grey + Fifty shades darker

 Note: Plot has spoilers (obviously, duh), but you can read all the rest without me revealing anything.

Info: Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2015 American erotic romantic drama film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. Stars of the movie are Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and a young business magnate Christian Grey played by Jamie Dornan. It's 2 hours and 5 minutes long. Fifty Shades Darker is its sequel with the same leading roles. This movie is 1 hour and 58 minutes long.
Note: Not recommended for persons under the age of... what? 12? Not for kids!

Plot 1: The first movie starts with Anastasia having to interview Mr. Grey instead of her roommate who is a journalist, but is sick so she can't go herself. Anastasia asks Christian all the questions she was given, but gets answers to none of just partially a few. There's an obvious attraction on both sides. Interview then ends and Anastasia is worried about the job she's done. When she gets home, she finds out Christian has sent all his answers to her friend on email. After a day (?), Christian finds her working in a shop selling tools and all that stuff. He buys ropes and some other stuff. The entire conversation is awkward cause she is attracted to him and he is to her. After spending some really short time together, they sleep together and we find out that she was a virgin just until now. They sleep together few more times until he shows her "the room". He has a room full of SM stuff and sex toys that basically nobody knows about and every woman has to sign a contract saying that she is willingly doing this. She can also leave whenever she wants and they also have a safe word for him to stop. Even though Anastasia wants to really date him, he is not interested in that. After few "sessions" she is tired of it and wants a real relationship. Then he reveals his childhood story about being sexually abused by his mother's friend. She then asks him to show her his worst behavior which leads to him hitting her with a belt. She realizes that it's too much for her to handle and leaves him in tears. As the movie is ending, they are separated.
Plot 2: Second movie starts where the first one ends. They are separated and she is trying to start her life again without him, while he is suffering and wants her back. When they meet, he admits he wants her back and  he's willing to keep his SM obsession down. After some convincing, they get back together and they somehow have the normal relationship. There are scenes with them just hanging out and cooking together. She wants to take it slow, but after some time, they sleep together. She asks him to show her his room again. He is a bit confused with this, but agrees and their relationship takes a new course where she starts to enjoy his SM games. We also meet the lady who shaped him played by Kim Basinger. She wants Christian to stay loyal to her and his SM roots, but is disappointed when she realizes he loves Anastasia. The second movie ends with a beautiful scene in a fake garden/pool where Christian gets down on one knee and proposes to Anastasia. She says yes.

My impression 1: I hated the first movie. If you read my plot here, I've probably left out some things because I mostly skipped the parts of it. It was too boring to watch. There's no reason for them to get immediately attracted to each other, there's no reason for her, a good girl, to lose her virginity to a guy like that after knowing him for 2 days. Also, as far as I know, for SM games, both sides should be into it (credits to my friend Joan for making this point). So it mostly looks like sexual abusing than pleasure. Also, she leaves in tears and is often really uncomfortable because she wanted to be near him, but he clearly stated that she can stop it all and leave whenever she wants.
My impression 2: In comparison to the first one, this is a better one. There's more "normal" stuff and scenes that I liked more. There's also more-or-less normal relationship story. However, the whole point of first one was that it was all too much for her and she wanted out. This is supposed to be on her terms and she just pulls him back into it when he's clearly struggling to get away from all that stuff just to make her happy. I didn't get that plot twist in her head at all. There are only two scenes I love - where he lets her touch his chest (you'd have to watch it to realize why this is a big thing) and the ending.

Recommendation: Unless you've already seen these, don't watch them. I know it's hard to stay away form a movie this big and popular with very controversial story, but you're seriously not missing much. As I said, I skipped most parts because they were either boring or the sex scenes were just weird and too long for me. Also, keep it in mind that these are not the movies you would wanna watch with your family. If you're expecting full on sex show, there's more to this movie. It's about emotions and being emotionally unstable which greatly affects your personal life. However, even though I like that storyline, the plot itself doesn't make much sense.

Did you watch it? What do you think of the first 2 parts?

See you next Sunday ♥

12 February, 2018

I'm back (for good)!

It's been 3 months since I posted here. I said I would post every Sunday at noon CET and look at me failing my own words. I really did want to post and I had so many topics and ideas, but focusing on my exams and projects I'm working on has put this blog in the back row.
I don't know if I'm ready for this announcement and whether I should be doing this, but I'm here to make an official statement.

I'm going to post here every Sunday at 12:00 CET.

If you've been reading my blog before - thank you! I hope I still have some readers left here. If not, all new ones are very welcome!
I'm going to post random lists, rants, movie reviews - everyday stuff basically. Looking back on the last few posts makes me really happy cause this is what I want to write about here. This blog started as a rant, or better to say - as a personal love story with bad ending - so I want to keep the same direction.

I hope you'll stick around.

See you on Sunday ♥